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 What is in the Worlds Best Hoof Oil? All ingredients are 100% pure and they include, Neatsfoot ( Geniune), Wood/Stockholm Tar ( NOT Petrochemical or "Compound" ) , Saligari Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and it is the combinations of several special species that formulate the Worlds Best Hoof Oil. We DO NOT use fillers and we do not dilute any of the oils/ingredients.
 Do you need to use the Oil everyday? No, what you put on actually works ( see Directions),therefore using Worlds Best Hoof Oil saves you both Time and Money and gets REAL results.
My horse does not have a stable and lives in a large open paddock. He has a very bad split on one front hoof, and one rear has been broken away on rocks, will the oil help that?Yes, providing the horse does not have a birth defect, the use of the Worlds Best Hoof Oil will aid quickly in the the regrowth of a strong and healthy hoof. We have many testimonies were paddocked horses have had splits for years, and where the farrier will "v" the split on every regular visit, even going as far as using side clip shoes to help hold the hoof together, and still not have the split grow out/repair. Then turn to Worlds Best Hoof Oil only once a day (for the first two weeks only) and the hoof will totally aid in the repair and grow out in as little as 6 weeks, where the splits were 1/2 way up to the coronet band. Fantastic results! see our Directions
Why does your oil work so well?It is a combination of the special formula and because the oil is quickly absorbed by the hoof, rather than laying on top of it and moistorizing the dead keratin. When you use Worlds Best Hoof Oil you not only condition the horn but also the new growth grows faster,stronger and healier- see our Directions
How will I know, and how long does it take for the oil to help?Within 7 to 10 days if you follow label instructions, there will be no question you will see improvement and your horses hooves will become stronger, healthier and he will be far more comfortable in his gait, if this has been changed because of soreness from damaged hooves - guaranteed... with pro rata money back offer.
I live in a very hot and dry area, the horse is not stabled; will it work well here?Yes. The special formula contains ingredients that help keep the hoof from being "drained" of moisture and goodness.
Does your oil work in the wet season/winter or on flood irrigation?Yes The  special formula helps and aids in the protection / barrier and "waterproofing" (yet allowing it to breathe) of the hoof and therefore your horse is more comfortable. It is critical that your horses hoof is maintained year round, and throughout all seasons - in wet or dry conditions.Water degenerates the hoof structure as proven in many USA university tests and therefore it is vital you look after your horse in the wet season
I have used your excellent product already. I have just purchased a pony for the ring that has terrible feet and I need her ready really quickly. If I oiled her feet three times a day and put a thicker layer on, will it work quicker?No, you would be wasting both your time and money. In the most severe cases, use the product only twice a day for the first 7-14 days, oiling the entire hoof and paying particular attention to the coronet band and then, once a day for the next 14days. Then use Worlds Best Hoof Oil as maitenance only 2 or 3 times a week only -see Directions, what you put on REALLY WORKS " the results speak for themselves"  The best guide to how often you need to use the product is your horses' general health, and the conditions of the ground it works on. Finally, unlike most lanolins/lards/greases etc., it goes to work quickly and doesn't get the chance to rub off. More importantly what goes on helps to keep the foot moist and doesn't go to waste in  Summer or Winter. Because it works "more is not better" - As with vitaminE cream and the skin, you can assist Mother Nature in regeneration, but you cannot "force feed her" and so it is with the hoof.
 Where do I oil the hoof?
There are 3 parts to this question:

The growth of the hoof comes in from the coronary band therefore, pay particular attention to this area including just above it, where the hairline finishes. Oil the coronet band and surround.
  1. What you want to acheive is to have the entire hoof as healthy and pliable as Mother Nature can give, so it will not be brittle when walking over rough surfaces (unshod) or indeed, when under stress, pressure is placed between the hoof, the nails and the shoe. Oil the entire front of the hoof.
  2. A hoof similar to the photo testimonials, or where a horse is under heavy daily stress (working horses, all areas) it is best for both the top and the bottom of the hoof to be oiled.
  3. Providing your horse does not have a genetic or overall health/hoof related problem, following these three basic steps will have your horses' hooves healthy - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
My horse is an aged mare, will it help her feet and will it work on her last foal?
Yes. From foals to aged stock - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.- No If's or But's- It REALLY WORKS and it is fool proof.
I have a couple of show donkeys, is the oil suitable for them?
Yes. With the natural ingredients and pure oils used, it will provide outstanding results for you, plus, you have the added exclusive ingredient of saligari oil and silicone to protect in Summer and Winter. You will obtain magnificent results.
Do I need to use World's Best Hoof Oil in Winter?
Yes.  The horses hoof is like a sponge, it soaks up water including infected water, bacteria & fungus.  When it gets in the hoof in this way or through the little cracks it can turn into white line disease, seedy toe, or it just becomes weaker.  WBHO doesn't stop this but protects the hoof alot more than doing nothing.  It also closes the small cracks.  There is a tendency to think that if you have no visible cracks there are no problems but due to the absorbency of the hoof there still could be a problem and it isn't until there is an abscess or other associated problems that this becomes more obvious.  During the Winter there is a tendency to turn horses out, give them a quick feed, pat & check their covers once a week and not go near the hooves.  As one of our esteemed farriers has said many times "it's a little like allowing the horse to wear wet socks 24/7, a saturated hoof although not visible can be far more damaging than a dry one"   Please continue to oil your horses hooves a couple of times a week, (the whole hoof and underside, dry the hoof first) it will save the large cost of repair to the damage, pain for your horse and loss of riding time. 
How do I remove SHOW GLOSS Hoof Black & Clear Dressing?
A response from Bruce Dalton, manufacturer  of World?s Best Hoof Oil and Show Gloss: 
I will be very honest in that I do not like painting horse?s hooves with pigments however I am more than aware to gain points from judges that is one thing they look for in presentation. This is the very reason I was asked to make a product where the fumes of the product ( the expensive chemical high gloss ones) didn?t go into the sealed hoof and dry out the hoof and then not allow the hoof to breathe while on. On the other hand I was also being asked they like the water ones but the trouble with them was they don?t shine enough or they even rub off when a horse walks through the wet grass.   Show Gloss is water based and because it is water based when applied it doesn?t create any chemical heat or fumes and go into the sealed hoof. This is the SINGLE  ADVANTAGE Show Gloss has over the chemical ones and yet provides the same finish ( and a whole lot less expensive and goes much further as well)   It can be left on for as long as you want, however it is a little like woman taking off finger nail polish and then rubbing moisturizer into them so they do not dry out too much the reason it is better to remove ? the same applies with the horse (hooves, beaks, claws & Nails are ALL Keratin) hence my thoughts and suggestion for total removal. 
We use in the production and clean up the powerful ?new age? cleaners like Citrus Clean, Orange Clean, Magic Orange and so on as long as they are genuine  Citrus cleaners that are not dilute with too much water ( by that I mean cheap so called Green Cleaners)  My wife & friends use the same to take off the pigment although I have had all sorts of potions that have been given to
me for those wanting to take it off quicker but they include spraying Hair Spray on 1st, and also using it to take of the pigment (however really it is the alcohol in the can that is doing that not the hairspray), nail polish remover (that is a acetate anyway)   Just like Worlds Best Hoof Oil where I only use the best quality and that is why we get the outstanding results we do from the product I use only the best in Show Gloss, this is the reason it will Shines & Covers as good as the chemical ones, if I diluted it by 80%-85% then you would have the same sort of cheap water based products that are on the market already that do not cover, do not dry quick & much less Shine so it is the pigment that needs to come off to get back to the hoof.  You can use Alcohol, Acetate (the same remover that you have always used in the past with the chemical ones) and so on BECAUSE you are taking it off the hoof (not putting it on and sealing it) and you can then oil the hoof straight way to not only off set any fumes or heat that goes in but also moisturizes the hoof (again just like a woman does when she removes finger nail polish).  There are some people that sand paper the hoof dressings (all dressings to a perfect smooth they are so fanatical about presentation) and do this before they reapply another coat as well!  Unfortunately it is a case of ?you cant have your cake and eat it to?- I have been working on trying to overcome this problem, but you do in simple words, loose both the Shine/Gloss and coverage, and if you then place more than one coat on you are defeating the purpose of the entire health issue as the hoof also needs to breathe. 
So to finalize, you can leave it on as it will not do damage in itself, use a ?Green Cleaner? (however be fully aware that while it comes off it is not a matter of simply wiping off, it is hard work) or use a acetate/alcohol remover as in the past but use the oil to moisturize after taking it off.  I do hope this helps and understand the problems and your choices that you have.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I am sorry it wasn?t simply  a case of ?Yes or No?
HINT - to allow the Brush lid of the can to easily be removed run a bead of Vasaline gel around the plastic lid so if you spill or drip Show Gloss on the thread it will be easily unscrewed